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Owner FAQs

Where and how do you advertise/market my property?

Top Notch Realty & Property Management is a member of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors® and a member of the Multiple Listing Service. All properties will be listed in the Multiple Listing Service of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors and 100+ rental websites (such as Trulia, Zillow, Hot Pads, Post lets), which means that over 10,000 licensed agents will be able to show your property and allows the exposure to numerous amount of prospect tenants. A yard sign will be placed in the property (subject to HOA policies)

What is the BEST way to ensure my Las Vegas property rents quickly?

This is one of the most important aspects of marketing a vacant rental property. Properties that are not “Rent Ready” when they’re placed on the rental market tend to be slower to rent, and attract renters who are willing to settle for less than top quality. These willing-to-settle residents don’t value their rental homes as much as more discerning renters. We want renters who appreciate quality, and who take good care of our owners’ properties!

Prospective renters typically can’t envision what the property will look like after we do “this” or “that.” Telling a prospect we’re going to be painting, or going to be replacing carpets is pretty much useless. The first impression of a vacant property is the lasting impression of that property. That’s why our owner/clients agree to take care of the basics – fresh paint (neutral colors), new floor coverings (or, those that look new), nice window coverings, landscaping front and back (even if it’s simple), the home professionally cleaned (including windows), and everything in good working order – before we begin our task of marketing the rental home. The results are always much better, when we approach the marketing process with a Rent Ready home!

How much can I lease my home for?

Finding a good rental listing price is similar to running “comps” for sale. We would do proper research to find your existing “active” competition in addition to finding what has recently leased comparable to your home itself, the neighborhood, and features etc.

How do we screen tenants?

Top Notch Property Management will screen all applicants through an extensive credit, criminal and eviction reports .Background, employment, and prior landlord verification check. Putting the best-qualified tenant into the property will minimize the chances of having the property returned in poor condition. Through years of experience, we find that a person with good credit will apply the same responsibility to other areas of their life, which means the chances for a tenant to damage your property decreases.

What is your Pets policy?

Pets are considered on a case to case by the owner. No pet shall be on the premises without written consent by the owner.

What if a tenant does not pay rent?

If after the 5th day of the month rent is not paid a “5 day notice” to pay or quit is issued. If no rent is received after the legal notice period of 5 days is up, then our attorneys file a motion in the local Justice Court for a hearing and judgment against the resident for non-payment and removal from the property. If payment is was not received from the resident at the hearing, then an order from the Judge to remove the tenant is issued to the Court’s Constable and within a week the property is returned to us. This entire process beginning the 6nd day of month is usually concluded within 4 weeks. Top Notch prides itself on having a fair but firm policy on rent collection enforcement to protect your interests in the property.

How do Property Inspections work?

The property will have an initial inspection at the time a property management agreement is signed. The purpose of the initial inspection is to help the owner lease the rental property in a seamless and timely manner. Some suggestions may be having the carpets professionally cleaned, freshly painted in neutral colors, landscaping maintenance, etc. The more preparation done up front the less the applicant will request prior to occupancy.

After tenant occupancy an inspection will be done within 180 days to observe the condition of the home.

Additional inspections are done if an HOA violation arises that has not been properly taken care of by the tenant and requires additional attention.

Inspections will also be completed should tenant decide to renew lease for another year or upon vacancy of the property.

Additional inspections may be conducted at the request of the owner and may require an additional fee.

Can I view my account online

  • Owners can access their monthly accounting statement through the online owner’s portal at anytime. Statement will include rents received, deducted management fees and any other expenses.
  • Owners can contact their account manager for copies of any work orders or invoices.
  • We will post updated statements by the 15th of each month.

Can I purchase a Home Warranty?

  • The best defense against costly repairs is to purchase a good home warranty plan.
  • Home Warranties can cover structural, plumbing, appliances and electrical repairs. Coverage depends on the Home Warranty plan purchased.
  • Home Warranties deal with their own preferred vendors.
  • Service Charges apply should the Home Warranty be called to the home for any repairs.

What if there is a repair on my home? How does that work?

The tenant will either call us on all repair requests or submit a “Request for maintenance” on our website. Any repair $300 or under you will not be notified on. Any repair call over $300 you will be contacted to discuss and/or form a plan to repair. This reason is twofold. If we contacted every owner on “minor repairs” this would not only be inefficient but also contradicts the true value of property management. You should not want to be bothered on menial repairs. That is one of the great benefits to management.

Who pays for maintenance and repairs to my Las Vegas property?

A: Any costs exceeding $300.00 must be approved by the owner in advance, except that in an emergency where repairs are immediately necessary for the preservation and safety of the property. All our preferred contractors are licensed, bonded and insured

Repairs and emergency requests can be submitted online by the tenant. Tenants are also provided with an after hour’s emergency number on their lease.

The owner pays for maintenance and repairs but Tenants must repair all damages that result from their neglect or abuse, and must repair damages caused by anyone for whom they are responsible, such as family, guests or pets.

Tenants are to change the air filters on a monthly basis and are responsible for any heating or cooling system repair due to neglect of monthly maintenance. Tenant is to maintain lawns, shrubs, trees and sprinkler system in good condition.